• dot_imgOVERVIEW

    The X-20 is a high performance Haptic actuator which has fast response and can be applied to the haptic actions with a wide frequency vibration band.
    It's fast response time (about 20 msec)can make the users feel more realistic crisp feelings like the keypad clicking and wide frequency vibration capability make the users feel various tactile feelings from the smooth silk surface fleeling to rough leather surface feeling. And its stiff spring structure based on SRA technology I can guarantee more reliable features.
    This stiff structure makes X-20 suitable for more tough application area like automotive industry as well as mobile phone industry
  • dot_imgFEATURES

    • - Resonant Frequency (fn) : 205 Hz
    • - 1.0 G Maximum Acceleration
    • - 2.8 V Rated Voltage (No Boost at Mobile Phone Power)
    • - 190 ~ 225 Hz Operation Frequency (Applicable to Touchsense 5000 / 1.0 Gpp)
    • - 20 ms Response Time at fn
    • - Power Consumption : Max. 200 mW

    • - Mobile Communication Devices
    • - PDA, GPS and Media Players
    • - Computers width Touch Interfaces
    • - Portable Instruments with Touch Interface
    • - Handheld Games